Where have all the good pros gone?

To answer the header they are still here, you can find some pretty amazing prohormones on sites like Muscle Freaks Nutrition, Strong Supplement shop and A1 supplements.

There is currently two kinds of prohormones on the market today ones that are DHEA based and the second designer steroid prohormones. The designer pros are starting to become hard to find. You can find a few of these products like DMZ, Hexadrol and Methylstenbolone on a few sites I listed above. The designer pros have a lot more risk for side effects but also deliver better results. People have reported gains of 15 pounds while on some of these compounds. The DHEA products do work but they don’t deliver results as big or quick as some of the designer pros do.

Some of the top products on the market today are D6 a triple compound designer that delivers serious mass gains. Suss250 another stack containing 5 compounds probably the strongest of all pros right now. Ultra sten a single compound with a lot of punch for being a single compound pro. All three of these products can deliver gains of up to 15 pounds if used with a good diet.

Some of the best DHEA or andro products on the market today are Cerberus by Sparta Nutrition. 1-Testosterone by HI Tech probably one of the strongest single andro products on the market today. I was blown away by how much strength I gained while using this pro. Last is Brutal 4ce by Black stone labs, this is a great prohormone for adding mass. While all of these products deliver muscle I would probably stick with the Hi Tech brand since they produce all of these products anyways. Their 1 Testosterone will stack with any of their prohormone supplements making it even better for delivering serious results.


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